Warren, Gardner Unveil Marijuana Bill Easing Federal Enforcement

Canada closer to legalising marijuana after senate vote in favour

New Bipartisan Bill Could End Federal Laws Prohibiting Marijuana

The president Friday told reporters he's considering the bill and will "probably" support signing it.

If passed, the bill dubbed the STATES, or Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States, Act could prove to be troubling for Donald Trump's relationship with Jeff Sessions, who is vehemently opposed to marijuana possession and previously declared a war on legalized weed. "I support Senator Gardner. We're looking at it, but we'll probably end up supporting that, yes".

Senator Warren took to Twitter to promote the bill in a series of social media posts, writing that the "federal government's marijuana policies are broken, outdated, and disregard the rights of states like MA & CO that have taken their own thoughtful approaches".

However, it's available for recreational use in nine states and the District of Columbia.

But even as states legalise, marijuana has remained a risky and unstable business because of federal law making it illegal. For example, the sale of marijuana would be prohibited at rest areas and truck stops, according to a bill summary. On Friday, the president said his aides were reviewing similar cases that appear to have drawn "unfair" treatment from the justice system.

Yesterday, the Canadian Senate voted on the legalization of recreational marijuana. Nicholas Scutari announced the new bills just weeks ahead of a June 30 budget deadline that has upped the stakes since Murphy is banking on revenue from legalization to balance his fiscal 2019 spending pan.

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"Unfortunately, this bill makes marijuana more accessible to teenagers, particularly, than ever before, and it's very concerning", Housakos told reporters after the vote.

Gardner has said previously that Trump has privately indicated his support for the states' rights concept and that the president also promised that federal prosecutors wouldn't interfere with Colorado's legal marijuana program. But if you're in the business, if you work for the business you can't get a bank loan or set up a bank account because of the concern over the conflict between the state and federal law.

California, Nevada and seven other states, as well as Washington, D.C., have legalized all adult use of marijuana.

Asked about the measure in an interview with Colorado Public Radio, Sessions said, "We'll see how far it goes and how much support there is". This would allow businesses that sell marijuana to operate without fear of prosecution by the Justice Department. This would protect both businesses and individual users, as long as they follow state rules around marijuana use and distribution.

The House of Commons must now vote to accept or reject the amendments before sending the legislation back to the Senate. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced the legislation previous year. The STATES Act is the product of that effort.

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