Time trumps Trump again: Pulitzer Prize-winning John

The Story Behind the Viral Photo of a Crying Child at the Border

The story behind the 'little girl' photo that's turning the world against Trump's border policy

The policy has drawn criticism from all over the world.

The image was taken from a Getty photo of a two-year-old migrant girl who cried while her mother was being detained by USA border patrol officials near McAllen, Texas.

Donald Trump has always proudly paraded his Time Magazine covers but the latest may not make it on to the walls at the golf club.

The cover reads, "Welcome to America".

"This is the case for my daughter, but it is not the case for 2,000 children that were separated from their parents", Valera said.

Moore, who has been photographing the American migrant crisis for more than a decade, was tagging along with United States border patrol agents who were waiting for a group of Honduran migrants to cross the border. "The little girl immediately started crying", the photographer told NPR.

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A Time story recounting the photographer's experience initially stated the girl was carried away screaming by border agents, and later corrected the article to say that was incorrect and that the two were actually taken away together.

While the separation policy has officially been rolled back, how and when the government plans to reunite those children with their parents is unclear. "This one was tough for me", said the photog, who regularly photographs immigrants crossing the border.

In April, the Trump administration announced a "zero tolerance" policy for illegal crossings, saying that any asylum attempt that is not made at an appropriate port of entry will be deemed illegal and the person will be prosecuted even if they have no criminal history.

"As soon as it was over, they were put into a van", he told the magazine. "All I wanted to do was pick her up, but I couldn't". "As the border patrol took peoples' names down, I could see a mother holding a young child", Moore said on Weekend Edition Sunday to Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

The heart-wrenching image, captured by award-winning Getty Images photographer John Moore, was spread across the front pages of worldwide newspapers.

Mr Trump backed down from the policy on Wednesday after signing an executive order to stop families being separated.

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