Upgraded Ferrari threaten to floor Mercedes at British GP

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen , The Canadian Press

Vettel was penalised for impeding Carlos Sainz during the second part of qualifying at the Red Bull Ring, dropping him to sixth on the grid even though no damage was done and both drivers progressed to the third and final qualifying session. In trying to explain how he had lost the lead of the race, Mercedes head strategist James Vowles apologised twice to Hamilton over team radio, which was broadcast publically across television channels.

Mercedes endured its worst result since 2016 when Hamilton's teammate Valtteri Bottas also failed to finish in the Austrian GP.

Kimi Raikkonen says he is happy to eventually accept Ferrari "team orders".

"From my point of view, motorsport is not black and white, so naturally not every decision can be the same".

"Everything we put on the auto seemed to work", said Sebastian Vettel after setting the fastest time of Practice Two in a Ferrari vehicle fitted with a new floor. So we end up with a massive rulebook. "I think immediately after the race and as soon as they got the auto back that evening there was a fix that was designed and put into test mode so the team are super on it and confident that we've done everything we can to made sure it doesn't happen again". In that situation in qualy, nobody was hurt. There's obviously talk of the historic number of wins but I'm grateful just to be fighting for a sixth win at Silverstone, I'm very privileged.

"I just think all these things are unnecessary, because sometimes.it's not that you lose your mind or you do something insane because you intend to, but you try to push the limits and sometimes you might make a mistake".

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"It may happen sometimes but you can not expect it to happen to the others because it has happened to you".

"I think it's highly encouraging for Ferrari that they're in amongst the Mercedes" - Martin Brundle.

Hamilton said the team was "constantly improving" and he appeared confident that the problems would cease.

"So I don't believe there's a lot of lap time in having it open through Turn 1 especially as you may be compromised through Turns 3 and 4". Usually in that moment, we know what to do. I was like, "told you".

"We have got a bit of work on to make sure we are not taking undue risks with parts which might have had some consequential damage when the vehicle was shut down". That's my view. These kinds of things will happen to us, to other people. "It's just the way the sport is".

"The loads that you're putting through the tyre - this is when it really impresses me what the manufacturers are able to do with these tyres, because jheeze".

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