Demi Lovato 911 call released: 'No sirens, please'

Demi Lovato 'awake,' with family at hospital after apparent drug overdose

Wilmer Valderrama Visits Demi Lovato at the Hospital Following Reported Overdose

She will be leaving the hospital and heading straight to rehab. Drug addiction is a hard disease to overcome but Demi has proven to be capable of pulling through in the past. Her assistant found her unresponsive in her bed at around 11 AM on Tuesday and called 911. In her YouTube documentary released past year called "Demi Lovato, Simply Complicated", she openly discussed her cocaine use and battles with alcohol.

Fans have taken to social media to share how pop star Demi Lovato has helped them to deal with their personal struggles.

When Demi did regain consciousness, she refused to tell paramedics which drugs she had taken. Conflicting reports claim there were two different ways the singer received the drug - one report alleges it was the paramedics who administered it; another claims it was her friends inside the home who gave it to her. She captioned the video; "got you on my mind..." Describing him as appearing "very down", a source told E! "He arrived and left by himself".

Demi Lovato's ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, was photographed rushing to her bedside after her reported overdose.

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Here are a few of the volumes of posts from fans wishing Lovato well and sharing their own struggles, helped by the singer's powerful, honest words. She previously went to rehab in after battling "depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harming impulses, and a troubled relationship with her body" and "self-medicating with alcohol, cocaine, and OxyContin" (via American Way). However, that decision will ultimately be hers.

When she couldn't wake Demi, she called emergency services.

In the past 48 hours, thousands of supporters have shared ways that Lovato's personal story, candid conversations and music have inspired them and helped them through hard times in their lives. "But I can't imagine what level she's going through and what her family is going through right now". "I make sure I stay on my medications".

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