WH press corps shows unity after reporter barred from Rose Garden event

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WH Bans CNN Reporter For Asking Trump About Putin

On Wednesday, the White House barred a CNN reporter from attending an event with the president, allegedly for asking "inappropriate" questions that officials objected to earlier in the day.

A free press does not - and will not - have the topics of its questions dictated by the White House. In September 2016, he recorded a conversation between himself and the President in which they discussed a payment to silence a former playmate named Karen McDougal from speaking about her relationship with Trump.

President Donald Trump's loyal base refuses to hold him accountable for behavior and lies, a phenomenon that is not new but constantly seems to confound.

"Did Michael Cohen betray you, Mr. President?" The event from which she was banned was open to all accredited press and was not operating on the pool rotation. Banning a reporter because you don't like her questions is something dictators do. Collins was the pool reporter, representing the TV networks during the Oval Office event.

"Bill Shine, full disclosure, is my personal friend", Smith said Thursday during his show "Shepard Smith Reporting".

Later in the day, the White House News Photographers Association also weighed in.

The White House complained about questions she shouted to Trump earlier about Russian Federation and Michael Cohen.

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"If anything, his CNN obsession is increasing CNN's profile", says Edward Burmila, who teaches political science at Bradley University in IL. This decision to bar a member of the press is retaliatory in nature and not indicative of an open and free press.

She was acting as the White House pool reporter - one of a rotating group of journalists, who will attend an event and write a report which all other networks can use. "This type of retaliation is wholly inappropriate, wrong-headed, and weak".

"Just because the White House is uncomfortable with a question regarding the news of the day doesn't mean the question isn't relevant and shouldn't be asked", the network said.

The president gets the publicity he wants - footage, say, of his hand-shake with another head of state or signing key legislation into law. And while he didn't go after Dobbs on Twitter like Colbert hoped he would, Tapper did call out Dobbs' hypocrisy over his reaction to President Barack Obama's treatment of conservative reporters.

"You ask her if we ever used the word 'ban, '" Shine told reporters outside the White House on Thursday about CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

Shine, who was ousted as co-president of Fox News past year over his handling of sexual harassment allegations, joined the White House as deputy chief of staff for communications earlier this month.

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