House Republicans move to impeach deputy attorney general

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein looks likely to keep his job though he will also likely continue to endure political attacks from supporters of President Trump

GOP Lawmakers File Articles Of Impeachment Against Rod Rosenstein

The House is not expected to vote immediately on the resolution but a confrontation over Rosenstein could expose serious divisions within the GOP over how to handle ongoing investigations into President Trump. "More importantly, the American people are sick of it".

The impeachment resolution was filed by conservative Reps. Conservative members led by Reps. All 11 lawmakers who filed the resolution are members of the caucus.

"Do I support impeachment of Rod Rosenstein?".

Meadows said under Rosenstein's direction "the agency has made every effort to obstruct legitimate attempts of Congressional oversight". Elijah Cummings of Maryland, Jerrold Nadler of NY and Adam Schiff of California.

And Meadows, Jordan and their compatriots now have live legislation in the Congress to tout on their trips home during the House's August recess.

But that was far from a unanimous opinion for the lawmakers who participated.

Republicans claim the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice officials say they have given lawmakers access to 880,000 pages they have requested.

"It is the most shortsighted - and I have to say stupid - thing I have heard in a long time", Dershowitz argued. "Impeachment is a punishment, it's not a remedy". "If you are looking for documents, then you want compliance, and you want whatever moves you toward compliance".

Meadows said in the Fox News interview that the conservatives could move "as soon as tomorrow" to force a vote and said discussions were underway about the timing.

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Since the House is not scheduled to return until September 4, they have at least until then to comply before the House would deploy the impeachment or contempt tools.

Actually impeaching Rosenstein faces a high bar.

Meadows said Republicans planned to provide the Justice Department with a concrete list of documents to the Justice Department that it still had to turn over.

Rosenstein has been in hot water with at least some Republicans in Congress for some time.

And Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, another Florida Republican retiring at the end of the term, said she was opposed to impeaching Rosenstein and thought the broader Republican conference was too.

"If you don't like the way Rod Rosenstein is responding to your subpoena, charge him with contempt of court". Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) declared in a joint statement Wednesday night.

Rosenstein is overseeing the Mueller investigation into any possible Russian collusion.

But Goodlatte has shown a willingness to be tough on DOJ and FBI officials throughout the panel's investigation into the FISA abuse. They also accuse Rosenstein of signing off on improper surveillance of a Trump adviser.

Meadows told reporters "we were able to make some other concessions and agreements", but the Justice Department hasn't "conceded" anything on document production, according to a source familiar with the discussions. If the department does not comply during the legislative break, Republicans may move to hold Rosenstein in contempt instead of voting to impeach him. "We know that Rod Rosenstein threatened house committee intelligence staffers when they were trying to do their job, our job of doing the constitutional job we are supposed to do".

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