Trump claims Americans need to show photo IDs to buy groceries

Poll Gives Edge to Graham De Santis in Governor’s Race

Congats to Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis on the creepiest ad of the year

At a so-called "Make America Great Again" rally in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday evening, Donald Trump made a freakish claim that left commentators and social media users scratching their heads, and wondering if Trump is "out of touch", when he claimed that Americans who shop for groceries at supermarkets must show a photo identification in order to purchase those groceries, the Huffington Post reported.

In a new ad released Monday, Republican candidate for governor Ron DeSantis drives home his love for President Donald Trump - again and again, with humor. If you have to show identification "to buy groceries, "said the president, why shouldn't you have to show identification in order to vote?"

Shoppers only need to present ID if buying age-related products from grocery stores, such as tobacco and alcohol, or state-regulated products, including certain medications. The president accused Democrats of obstructing his agenda and Brett Kavanaugh, who he chose as a Supreme Court nominee. They waved signs that featured Trump's new campaign slogan 'Keep America Great, ' 'Trump, Pence, ' 'Women for Trump, ' and 'Blacks for Trump'. Trump attacked public opinion polls, except one that said he was popular among Republicans.

The ad then features home videos of DeSantis, one of eight Republicans competing in the August 28 primary, parenting with a pro-Trump flair.

"He's going to be your next governor, Ron DeSantis", Trump said.

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The president made it Twitter-official in June, even though many believed Vice President Mike Pence's close relationship with DeSantis' primary opponent, Florida Agriculture Commissioner and former Rep. Adam Putnam, meant Trump would support Putnam.

Putnam, who was celebrating his 44th birthday Tuesday at a political event highlighting veterans in The Villages retirement community, said he supports Trump and his agenda. Trump declared, before tottering across the stage in a parody of a presidential walk, mocking the Oval Office conventions he has shredded since his inauguration, and admitting he likes to be a "little wild, have a little fun" at rallies.

The president blasted Mr. Nelson as someone who voted against tax cuts and "puts criminal aliens before American citizens".

They also come as his administration considers more than doubling its planned tariffs on US$200 billion in Chinese imports, ratcheting up pressure on Beijing to return to the negotiating table.

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