Donald Trump tweets about LeBron James interview with Don Lemon

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The CNN anchor, Don Lemon, interviewed LeBron James, the former Cleveland Cavaliers star who recently signed a massive contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Many tweeters suggested that Trump may have held out from criticising James until he moved away from OH, which is a crucial swing state for the President. It's a disgrace. It's racist.

James made similar remarks regarding Trump and sports on Monday in an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, adding that he has no regrets about criticizing him.

The interview with Lemon only made direct mention of Trump at the end of the hour-long interview. Lemon's chief offense was apparently making James look smart, which Trump said "wasn't easy to do".

Queried on what he'd say to Trump if they were face to face, he was quick to say, "I would never sit across from him". In September 2017, the President rescinded an invitation to the Golden State Warriors to celebrate their basketball championship with a visit to the White House.

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On Monday, before heading to Califoria, LeBron James unveiled his I Promise School, which will benefit at-risk students.

James called Mr. Trump "U bum" on Twitter, writing that since the team already said they weren't going, "therefore ain't no invite". According to the LeBron James Foundation, the I Promise School integrates the STEM curriculum with the foundation's We Are Family philosophy to create a supportive environment for students and their families.

Last year, Trump also withdrew an invitation to the National Basketball Association champions Warriors after Curry and several teammates indicated misgivings about attending a White House event.

I could go on, but you get the point. Many schools funded or supported by influential celebrities are private or charter schools, but the I Promise School is a public school funded by James' $8 million donation.

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