Chicago suffers gun violence surge over weekend

7700 block of South South Shore

A person was killed Friday in the 7700 block of South South Shore. | Google Earth

Chicago Police Department superintendent Eddie Johnson echoed those ideas, noting that while police "have really good leads on quite a few" of the suspects, there have been no arrests in connection to the shootings, which were largely contained in four districts in the South and West sides of the city.

He said in his tweet that 228 shootings and 42 homicides had been recorded in about three weeks in Chicago just between January 1 and 24, 2017. "Wednesday we announced a number of businesses that are going to be part of the neighborhood opportunity fund that create the most important part of our neighborhood economy", Emanuel said.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city's police superintendent made an emotional plea for help in holding repeat gun offenders accountable after a deadly weekend in the IL city. Police said two gunman got out of a white Impala and shot four people at a block party in the 1600-block of South Avers Avenue at about 12:02 a.m.

Police also noted that numerous shootings were in four police districts, including the West Side's Harrison, Ogden and Austin police districts, that have struggled with violent crime this year.

Chicago police held a news conference Sunday, Aug. 5 to talk about shooting incidents that left 44 people wounded, and killed at least five.

By comparison, at least seven people were killed and 32 were wounded during the long Memorial Day weekend, which is often one of the most violent weekends of the year for the city, the Chicago Tribune reported. In all, over the weekend, there were 33 shooting incidents. "Somebody knows who did it", said Johnson, his voice rising. "I never hear people saying these individuals out here in the streets need to stop pulling the trigger. They get a pass from everybody, and they shouldn't", he said. "Where is the accountability for them?"

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"I share the anger and frustration that many Chicagoans are having today because, if anything, this should underscore the continuing issue that we have with illegal guns and offenders that are out on the street that are willing to use them", Johnson said.

But it's not just conservatives who are outraged. "This generation of kids has grown up with no one daring to touch them".

Experts say crime tends to pick up during the hot summer months, but Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel dismissed that.

The most intense burst of violence began just after midnight.

Giuliani has been tweeting constantly about Chicago - a city that serves as Republicans' go-to talking point for their "black-on-black crime" narrative, as well as proof that gun control doesn't work - to help Garry McCarthy's mayoral run against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Before the weekend's surge, they credited it with declines in homicides and shootings from previous year.

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