Viral Video Shows Brooklyn Nail Salon Workers Hitting Woman With A Broom

Brooms fly after botched eyebrow job causes brawl

Footage shows botched eyebrow job lead to wild brawl in nail salon

The person also notes that the fight stemmed from Thomas refusing to pay the salon because she felt the employee did not do a good job.

People gathered outside the New Red Apple Nails in East Flatbush were angry that employees went after a woman who allegedly complained about an eyebrow service and refused to pay.

They then turn to another shopper who is helping her granddaughter escape the clutches of the staff members and start beating her in the back. In video of the incident, two workers smacked the customers with broomsticks as they ran out the door.

'Hitting them like animals, ' she said, referring to the patrons. In the video, captured by someone at the salon, a group of the workers can be seen surrounding a woman, Christina Thomas.

Reportedly an employee, Huiyue Zheng, is facing charges of menacing, assault, harassment, and possession of a weapon. Zheng was released from jail on her own recognizance after a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court, cops said.

Thomas was also charged with a misdemeanor assault. The shop was closed for the day and Johnson encouraged viewers of the video to continue protesting and boycotting the business. "They are violent. I saw these workers beat up a woman, well more like jumped her".

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An investigation into the brawl is ongoing, and more charges could result, the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office told News12.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page for New Red Apple Nail salon has been flooded with negative reviews and backlash over the incident.

"I'm expecting justice, but most of all I'm expecting black people to learn that when these business don't respect you, you don't spend your money with them", one protester, Tionna Smalls, told ABC7 NY.

"There is no respect for people in this neighborhood", said 49-year-old Gavin Gibbs, a neighborhood resident, the New York Daily News reported. "Shut them down, and they need to be arrested for gang assault".

Hours earlier, officers had to do the same thing back at 1426 Nostrand Ave. and helped employees get through protesters to safety.

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